Carborundum (Brazil)
Carborundum (Brazil)
Carborundum (Brazil)

Carborundum is a brand of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, a division of Saint-Gobain Company located in Paris, France and a leading producer of construction products (building materials, gypsum products, insulation and pipe), innovative materials (abrasives, ceramics, high-performance plastics, flat glass, and technical fabrics) and glass containers. The company is also a leading distributor of building products.

Victory Hardware distributes Carborundum Grinding Wheel which is an economical and value solution for our end users.


Products By Carborundum

Grinding Wheel by Lapport

Grinding Wheel               

Sharpening stone and oil stone by Lapport

Sharpening Stone                                                                         

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  • 6 / 8 inch Carborundum combination sharpening stone is a 2 sided stone with one coarse grit and one fine grit side.
  • Ideal for bench work
  • Intended for sharpening all tools and knives.
  • Suit use for the materials with high hardness.